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Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to a New Routine at Preschool

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Starting preschool is a big transition for both parents and children. As exciting as it may be for your little one to start a new adventure, it can also be a challenging experience for them. Leaving their familiar surroundings, meeting new people and adjusting to a new routine can be intimidating. However, with the right approach, parents can help their child make a smooth transition into a preschool routine. This post shares some useful tips that can help parents prepare their child for preschool and help them adjust to the new routine.

Familiarise them with preschool activities

Before starting preschool, familiarise your child with the activities they are likely to encounter at school. This way, their routine when they start will not be completely new and strange. Take them to a playground where they may interact with other children, read them books, teach them simple drawing, painting or writing exercises and engage in self-help activities like tidying up, feeding themselves, etc.

Create a routine

Routines help create a sense of predictability and calm in children. Establish routines for sleeping, mealtimes, playtimes and bath times prior to starting preschool. This will ensure that they have a regular routine and will be better prepared to handle the new routine at preschool. A few days before school starts, start shifting bedtime and wake-up time gradually so that your child's body will slowly adjust to the new schedule.

Talk positively about preschool

Talk positively about preschool and create enthusiasm about the new adventure. Discover the joy and excitement that await in school: forging new friendships, engaging in playful activities, acquiring knowledge and participating in captivating experiences.

Be positive and firm at drop-off

Drop-off can be one of the most challenging parts for both parents and children. Set a positive tone, keep your goodbyes short and sweet and trust the teachers and staff to take good care of your child while you are away. Your child can sense your emotions, so it's essential to stay upbeat and confident that everything will be fine, making goodbyes a lot easier.

Stay connected with school

Engage with the school to keep track of your child's progress and involvement in school activities. Attend parent-teacher meetings and volunteer to help out during class events and activities. This will help you be well informed, build a bond with the school community and understand what they might need to do to adjust.

Starting preschool is a significant milestone, both for children and parents. While it can be exciting, it can also be challenging for young children. However, with the tips shared above, parents can help their children settle into the new routine of preschool with ease. Remember, every child is different, and every child will adapt in their way. Stay positive, be patient and never hesitate to reach out to the preschool staff for advice and guidance.

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