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Two Things to Take Into Consideration When Hiring a New Child Carer

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If you need to hire a child carer, here are two things you should take into consideration during the hiring process.

Whether or not your child is likely to get along with them

Your child will be spending a substantial amount of time around the person that you choose to hire. As such, it is absolutely critical to ensure that your child feels happy and at ease around them. Even if a candidate has excellent references and a long list of impressive qualifications, they may not be the right person for the job if they have a very different personality to that of your child. For example, if your child is shy, introverted and easily overwhelmed, it might not be a good idea to hire a child carer who is extremely loud, exuberant and extroverted. If you do hire this type of person, there is a chance that your child might find them intimidating and exhausting to be around.

If you're unsure as to whether or not a potential carer's personality will clash with your child's, it's sensible to hire them on a trial basis initially; this will give you a few weeks to determine whether or not your child feels comfortable and happy in the carer's company.

How they look and behave during the interview

It's important to pay close attention to the appearance and behaviour of the child carers that you interview, as these things could be an indication of how suitable they are for the position you are offering. For example, if the person you are interviewing looks dishevelled, has stains on their clothing and dirt under their fingernails, this could mean that they are a bit careless when it comes to hygiene. This could be problematic if you want the carer you hire to prepare meals for your child, as there is a risk that this person would not take the necessary precautions (such as washing their hands properly before handling ingredients) to ensure that the food is safe for your child to eat.

You should also observe their general demeanour, as this could help you to ascertain how well they handle difficult situations. Whilst it is perfectly normal for people to be slightly nervous during an interview, it might be best to avoid hiring a candidate if they become extremely flustered at any point during the process, as this might mean that they do not cope well with pressure.

If you hire an individual with this flaw, there is a danger that they may fail to take the appropriate action if, for example, your child sustains an injury whilst under their care. In this scenario, a person of this kind might simply panic and become upset, instead of calmly carrying out first aid and taking your child to the doctor.