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How to Effectively Prepare Your Toddler for Day Care

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Enrolling your child in a day care centre is one of the crucial steps in your child's life. Although family day care also plays a significant role in your child's growth and development, it might not be as exciting and involving as day care. Moreover, day care helps your child get ready for their formal education, and this is the reason it's crucial to prepare your toddler for the new experience in time. Below are tips you can consider to make it easier for your child to adjust to the changes. 

Visit the institution together

Once you find a great childcare centre that meets your expectations, consider asking them if you can bring your child along. This will give your toddler the chance to familiarise themselves with the staff and their new mates. Both you and your young one will also get a sense of comfort and safety after exploring the new surroundings.

If you cannot take them to the centre during the week due to your busy schedule, consider taking them during the weekend. Showing them the playground from the parking lot will make a significant difference and get them excited.

Talk to your child

Before taking your child to a day care centre, be sure to talk to them. But, telling them that they'll have the best day ever when you don't believe it in your heart isn't advisable. Wonder why? Well, this approach can cause your child to hate school if they don't get to enjoy the experience, as you stated. So, be as realistic as possible and talk to them about the specifics instead of hyping things. Talk about the teacher, daily schedule, meals, games, etc. Knowing what will happen will assist your child to be comfy and relaxed throughout the day.

Allow the changes to occur gradually

If your child is having trouble adjusting to the changes, be sure to ask the teacher if you can make gradual changes. Even adults sometimes have challenges when making a few alterations, so it's logical for your child to find it difficult to make abrupt changes. So, if this is your first time to stay away from your loved one, consider having a flexible schedule. Start with a few hours and then adjust the timeline each day.

Also, you can create a new bedtime and morning schedule and stick to it. Routines are known to give someone a sense of normalcy and assurance. Your child will also learn to stay organised. Look for a childcare centre near you for more information.